Features and Predictors of Time Competence of the Future Engineers


  • Nina Pidbutska National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"


time competence, professionalism of the personality, future engineer, professional consciousness, personal and professional development, successful pro¬fessionalizing


The components of personal professionalism of the future engineer are analyzed in the article, it is shown that the operational component contains time competence which is characteristic of the subject activity, which is shown in the organization of own activity according to time space and its requirements, in adequate idea of the past, the present and the future which promotes self-actualization in any field of activity. The complex of psychodiagnostic methods is used in the research: the technique «Life meaning orientations» by J. Krambe, L. Makholik adapted by         D. A. Leontyev (LSS), five-factorial personal questionnaire by R. McKrae, P. Costa (Big five), a technique of «Goal-Means-Result» by A. A. Karmanov, a technique of diagnostics of the initial students̕ motivations (A. A. Rean and V. A. Yakunin, N. Badmayeva’s modification), a questionnaire of time prospect by Zimbardo, a technique of «The scales of time experience» by E. I. Golovakha and A. A. Kronik. Estimating the research results of the future engineers̕ time competence, it should be noted that the respondents̕ idea of time is hedonistic, without exact plans for the future. By means of the one-factorial dispersive analysis (ANOVA), it is established that the students who consider the future fatalistic, aren’t satisfied with their past, it seems to them uninteresting and negative therefore they live in the present and don’t think of the future. By means to the regression analysis it is revealed that the future engineer directed on the future acts according to the existing norms, understands his own social and professional duties, is conscientious, sets the adequate goals in life, realizing that they need to be corrected depending on a life situation. It is proved that for the formation of time competence which is a component of personal professionalism of future engineer it is necessary to carry out the psychological maintenance of a stage of vocational training in technical higher educational institutions.

Author Biography

Nina Pidbutska, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

кандидат педагогічних наук, доцент кафедри педагогіки та психології управління соціальними системами Національного технічного університету «Харківський політехнічний інститут»


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